Top 10 Tourism Destinations In London (part 2)

4. The Royal Botanical Garden (Kew Gardens)

The Royal Botanical Garden hasglass-like dome shape, which makes it look like a transparent train terminal. This botanical garden is a safe home to exquisite plants and flowers. The Garden has a historic palm house that is haven for its very own tropical rainforest, a charming glasshouse for alpine plants, and an 18-meter-high treetop walkway giving visitors an experience like never before. It is a sanctuary of green calm and bliss.

5. Buckingham Palace

If you are traveling to London for the first time, this iconic palace is a must-see. First, it is the official dwelling palace of the Queen of England. In 1761, George III bought Buckingham House for Queen Charlotte and since then it has gone through many renovations. In counting, the Palace has 774 rooms and holds thousands of guests every year for great royal ceremonies, events, as well as garden parties. Hanging on all the walls of this palace are beautiful works of arts. It is open to the public from late July to September and on select days in January, April, and December.

6. Kensington Palace

Once home to the late Princess Diana of Wales, now Kensington Palace is the royal residence of the new Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. The stylish palace estate features avenues to learn about her Majesty the Queen along with her monarch’s beautiful exhibitions. Visitors can explore the extraordinary lives of royal leaders and the history of royal weddings. Royalty speaks at every point in Kensington Palace and visitors can also have high tea around the corner at The Orangery.

7. The Tower Bridge

Many visitors mistake this fascinating site for the London Bridge, but the Tower Bridge is different from it. This bridge is Gothic by design with a beautiful feature lifting and dividing the bridge into two to make it easy for traffic on the waterways. The upgraded glass walkway also creates more space for viewers on the bridge. You can step inside and tour the magnificent Victorian engine rooms. The Tower Bridge is open from October to March and April to September.

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