The Most Beautiful Time to Visit London

The weather and climate in the UK are very suitable for tourism development because although it may be unusual but never become fierce, the weather is still very cool, gentle enough for you to enjoy the trip in England without any weather problems.

The climate in the UK is divided into four distinct seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, like many other countries in the world.
Spring from March to May: This is the time when the United Kingdom often has heavy rains.

Summer from June to August: The average temperature in this season is only about 9 to 18 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature can reach 30 degrees Celsius, but this case is extremely rare. This is also the warmest season in the UK, there are many sunny days, or thunderstorms. Depending on each year, there will be hot and dry air flows into.

Fall from September to November: Fall in the UK is quite special when the weather can be 1 in 2 types: Moderate and dry or wet and windy. In the fall, leaves in the UK also begin in the fall season. The temperature begins to decline.

Winter from December to February of next year: This is the coldest season in the UK, the temperature will definitely drop to negative, many places freeze and sometimes snow will fall.

Which season is the most beautiful for tourists to visit London?

From March to August (spring and summer): This is almost a peak tourism in the UK, so the number of tourists is also high and you should prepare an early plan to be able to book flight tickets, hotel with the most optimal cost.

Summer in the UK is the most pleasant time of the year, the temperature is not too high, the weather is sunny, the wind is light and not harsh.

However, in the evening, summer air in the UK will become a little colder. You should prepare extra coats to protect your health when traveling.

From September to February next year (fall and winter): If you love cultural discovery, experience skiing for the first time in the UK, this is the best time. At this time, the price of travel services will be cheaper than other seasons, and you can complete your cheap, economical UK trip.

Another interesting point if you choose this time to come to the UK, it is that you will feel clearly the name of the “misty country” of England. At this time, the fog will cover London or anywhere in the UK, forming an extremely interesting scene.

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