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Top Five Alternative Team Sports To Try In London This Summer (part 1)

It’s coming round to summer and the sun is brightening. You want to be active by playing a sport and you also want to try something new? Don’t worry! We have gone deep-diving through London’s athletic community to find a few sports for you to pick up from scratch. Here’s the list.


If you don’t have any Dutch or Scandinavian connection, you might not have heard of this hoop-based sport. Korfball is a combination of basketball and netball, and is a necessarily mixed-gender sport. A team consists of 4 men and 4 women, who are later split into different halves of the court to charge with getting the ball through their respective baskets. There are some fiddly rules in this sport, but the basic idea can be chosen by anyone. London has 11 Korfball clubs around all of its regions, all cater for beginners and most for juniors. It is great to know more people and tends to replace the British sporting machismo with a much cooler Scandi touch.

Ultimate (Frisbee)

The name of the sport doesn’t lie: it is truly ultimate. Because of copyright issues surrounding the commercial product, the Frisbee or Ultimate Frisbee should be referred to as just Ultimate. And it is played with discs, not Frisbees – so don’t make that faux pas! The sport has similarities to netball but with points being scored in American Football-style end-zones. Competition can range variously from a fun throw around in a park to series tactics, and the game in the United States is professional and televised live.  Playing Ultimate in London is pretty easier: there are a lot of clubs spread across the city, and there are also social pick-ups, casual games for all abilities. However, don’t be fooled: this is serious exercise – but it also does have a fun edge.

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