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5 online gambling website are facing the risk of losing licenses

A lot of licensed game online casino sites in the UK are facing the risk of losing game licenses because the UK Gambling Commission has warned that they are not performing enough to stop criminals. Money laundering, in which 5 websites face the most strict control.

According to the M88 dealer, UKGC has sent letters to 17 betting groups to express concern regarding an investigation of betting control, anti-money laundering and terrorist financing. Five of the 17 groups are facing license inspections, which could make them lose their ability to operate in this country. The penalties are quite serious, when the operator says that these groups are hiring money laundering employees – who do not have a degree and cannot accurately describe money laundering. Suspicious money laundering activities are also being reported incomplete, and when reports are available, they all lack detailed information.

In addition, the manager discovered gambling gamers with gambling problems in their online games, but this activity did not cause any investigation done by groups of fish. bets.

Speaking on this issue, Mr. Tom Watson, a member of the British Labor Party, said: “This serious warning shows that many online gambling companies act as money-laundering and addiction to gambling. Dynamic on their platform is not their problem. The gambling committee reserves the right to request immediate improvement. An agency that does not take responsibility seriously should not hold a license. ”

UKGC CEO Sarah Harrison also said: “It is essential that the gambling industry has an obligation to protect consumers and prevent criminal activities from taking place in serious gambling. The new Gambling Commission‘s strategy offers a vision of a fairer and safer online gambling market ”.

“The action we are taking to test the compliance of online casino operators with money laundering activities and customer interaction requirements is just one example of how we will not stop turning that vision into reality ”

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