5 Reasons To Love London

You can spend your whole life exploring this city, and you will never be surprised. From Camden to Kensington and everywhere in the city, every different district of London has its own characteristics but generally retains the energy-based approach of a public city.

London is as cosmopolitan as it is English with people from all over the world to draw the city. That diversity saw London become a place of endless possibilities. Watch a movie at a French cinema? No matter what. Brunch at a Nordic bakery? Dinner at an authentic Mongolian restaurant? You choose to go. It is not just food that London has benefited from diversity – through years diversity has helped drive creativity, making the capital an international leader in many areas.

London is an international city with many people from all over the world pulling to this city. This diversity has made London a place with endless possibilities. Watching movies at French theaters? No problem. Late breakfast at a Nordic bakery? Dinner at a true Mongolian restaurant? You choose to go. It’s not just the dishes London inherited from this diversity – over the years, this diversity has brought creativity, making this capital the world’s leading city with many Rich, diverse fields.


London has been a strong attraction to the spirit of creativity for centuries. From William Shakespeare to Jimi Hendrix and J.K. Rowling – great and great works of art in the world are inspired by London. London still attracts the best musical, artistic and acting talents, as well as great comedians and modern literary writers. The works of endless novels are written and still continue to write about London’s streets with works like Detective Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and Mary Poppins all consider this city their home.

London also has its own direction, with separate soundtracks. From Ed Sheeran and Adele to The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, British music has produced many famous artists that contribute to the international music picture. You can see an artist every night of the week – choose from superstars at the two Arena and independent rock bands at the historic Brixton Institute, also come and join bands at Camden’s bars. . The city is proud of the many summer music festivals held with the British Summer Time Festival held at Hyde Park and Wireless (Wireless) Park at Finsbury Park, which are two of the festivals. the biggest music.

No two nights are the same in London ever. Enjoy an enchanting musical in the West End or watch movies from some of Hollywood’s biggest actors at major cinemas in Leicester Square. Go to eccentric bars and restaurants in East London, or enjoy a taste of London’s legendary club or burn out at London’s hottest new bands or enjoy the artwork of big names in Soho or Shoreditch.

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The Tourist Spots in London Worth Visit

If you have the opportunity to visit London – the capital of England, you will be immersed in the space of calm, ancient but equally noisy with restaurants, entertainment areas, the area performing arts. Let’s take a look at some of the tourist attractions in London that you should travel to England.

Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square is a large square in London – which celebrates the victory of Lord Horatio Nelson in the battle against naval forces Napoleon in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. This is what remains, centered The square is the statue of Horatio Nelson towards the center of the city. At the foot of the monument is surrounded by four giant lions and fountains. Trafalgar has become a world famous square and a fascinating tourist attraction in London that you should not miss.

Tower of London
The Tower of London is an architectural building built in 1078. It was used as a prison from 1100 to the twentieth century. It has housed famous prisoners: Thomas More, Anne Boleyn, Henry VI and Catherine Howard. Today, the Tower of London has become one of London’s most popular tourist destinations.

London Eye
Situated just off the banks of the River Thames, the London Eye is like a giant wheel with a height of 135 meters, with 32 seats overlooking the cityscape. This is a great spot for London. This is what attracts the most tourists in the UK, with more than 3.5 million visitors per year.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace – the residence of Queen Elizabeth II. In front of the palace is the place where the exchange sessions, where the grand ceremony is held so special to attract tourists to visit. Since 1993, this place has officially opened for tourists to visit. It is one of London’s most famous tourist attractions

British Museum
Built in 1753, the British Museum in London is one of the museums that own collections on the culture and history of human development with more than 7 million exhibits on display. , which is also the most comprehensive artifacts, from all over the continent, this is the most important document illustrated the most human culture from early childhood.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge is a famous British architecture, it combines perfectly with the river Thames. This is also one of the famous symbols that you should come to when traveling to England. This work is typical of two towers connected by a path, a solid design that can withstand the weight of the two sides of the bridge.

Big Ben
With a history of up to 150 years old, the world-famous clock tower – Big Ben is one of London’s most visited tourist attractions. The Big Ben was formed from a combination of the 13-ton bell-shaped bell hanging in the tower, the “Great Bell” and the name of the man who ordered the first bell – Benjamin Hall. Big Ben is one of London’s most iconic symbols, and has appeared in many films.

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Exploring 4 Features Of Bristish People

England – a multicultural country. Throughout the length of the history of the United Kingdom, various races and cultures have influenced the kingdom’s culture. Traveling to the UK and discover the special cultural beauty of the people here will certainly bring a lot of exciting new experiences for visitors.

1. Religious culture, beliefs of the British

UK religion is a special culture of the British including all faiths and all major religions in the world. Most cities in the UK have Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist centers, as well as churches for all denominations. Therefore, if you are a religious and frequent ritualist in your hometown, you can continue to do so when you travel or settle in the UK.

2. Sports

Sports are an integral part of the lives of the British people. Their sports activities are abundant, ranging from football to rugby, jogging or biking. When you come to the parks, you will often see many joggers. At the university, sports clubs often have many exciting activities, including belly dancing!
In addition to good for health, exercise is also a good way to make friends.

3. Art and Theater

Britons are passionate about theater. In London there is the famous West End theater, where most of the big shows take place.

4. Communication culture, behavior when meeting the British people

How to greet:

The British are rather reserved in greetings. At school or at work the most common greetings are “Hello”, “Hi”, “Good morning”. There are also other ways of greeting.

Handshake: The most common way to greet a British person. Hand-shaking also becomes a form of communication when you are introduced to another person.

+ Kiss: Kiss lightly on the cheek is how to greet each other close friends when they long to meet each other.

Most Britons speak moderately, control their voices, do not speak loud and do not dance hands.

Not all English speakers are fluent but you should say complete sentences and end your sentences with lower voices.

Humor plays an important role when negotiating in business. British people often use sarcasm to tease their opponents or to express disagreement or express disrespect.

Do’s and Don’ts:

When in England, you:

+ Queue: The British always queue up orderly and wait patiently for example when taking the bus. If you push, push will be considered impolite.

+ Please say “excuse me”.

Please say “please” and “thank you”.

+ Cover your mouth when yawning or coughing.

Handshake: When being introduced to another person, use your right hand to shake hands and grab the right hand of the person.

Say “sorry”: You accidentally poke at someone, say “sorry” even if the fault is not up to you. This has become a habit, a lifestyle in the UK.

+ Smile.

+ Drive on the left

And things should not be:

Do not greet everyone with a kiss. Kiss only for close friends or relatives.

Avoid speaking in public.

It is impolite to look at someone in public.

Do not blow your nose in public.
Do not flap or embrace.

+ Do not make a “burp” when eating. If you can not hold back, cover your mouth and say sorry right after.

Do not speak when your mouth is full of food. Otherwise you will be considered impolite.

Do not ask personal questions or questions that are too private.

The British respect privacy. So, you should not say things like, “How much do you earn?”, “How much do you weigh?” Or “Why are you not married?”.

England has an astonishing history so it would be a great omission if you did not try and learn about the country, the home of the industrial revolution and the great men. With magnificent castles, historic churches and unique buildings, the UK has so much to explore.

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Featured Festivals in London

London, the city which is known as City under cloudy sky has numerous popular festivals such as Guy Fawkes Night, Boxing day, Lumiere London…

Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night, Fireworks Night and Plot Night, is an annual festival on the evening of November 5, originating in the United Kingdom, which then spread to New Zealand, South Africa and some provinces in Canada. This memorial commemorates the failure of a group of Christians who conspired to burn the gunpowder to overthrow Parliament in London but failed on the night of November 5, 1605.
Festivals are organized throughout the UK from urban to rural. People burned fire crackers, fireworks and set up huge fireworks, next to the mannequins or men representing the Fawkes, who were plotting to overthrow the famous parliament burned. Before the 5th, all children have a donkey carrying it to ask for money for adults, they say: “Pey for the guy”.

The Lumiere Light Festival, which was first held in London in 2016, drew 1.3 million visitors. This festival is organized by Artichoke company specializing in organizing exhibitions and registered charity activities.
Audiences attending the festival enjoy free light artwork in London, enjoying the motion of beams of light, walking through the streets with thousands of flowers formed thanks to light reflecting or cycling to light up the rose petals combined by hundreds of discarded plastic bottles.

In England, the opening day of the box is usually held on the next day of Christmas, which falls on December 26. Like Christmas, the opening ceremony is a national holiday. It means that this is the day for everyone to be off in the whole of the UK. If the opening of the box falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the next Monday will be the day off for the whole country.
Traditionally, December 26th is the day of opening Christmas boxes to share the stuff that is packed into it with the poor. Christmas Box is a wooden or clay box that is used for Christmas gifts.
Children in schools across the UK gather their presents to put in Christmas boxes to send to poor countries.

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Nightlife in London

Are you looking for a great night out while you’re in London? Well, the truth is, you’ll be spoiled for choice. There is a sea of venues, clubs, and bars in London and to help you decide which is best suited for you, we compiled a list of the best hotspots and bars to visit which is bound to offer an unforgettable evening.

1. Trailer Happiness

Signified by a yellow fish that hangs above a nondescript door located on Portobello road, you’ll be transported back to the 1970’s when you visit the subterranean tiki lounge of Trailer Happiness which is considered one of the best cocktail bars situated in London. Decorated with hula girl memorabilia, you’ll be blown away by the inventive twists on some of the most popular rum classics. There are also fire shows during the evening where alcohol is blown to the ceiling, while the DJ provides some funky music to keep the party going until the early hours of the morning.

2. Kensington Roof Gardens

Situated above the streets of Kensington is this exclusive club where the polished and posh come to enjoy their evening. Among the blazer-clad gents and the models showing off their designer dresses, you’ll be pumped full of adrenaline as the percussionist synchs perfectly with the club bangers mixed by the DJ. You can even take a breather on the rooftop where over 500 plant species can be found.

3. Sketch

Providing a fine balance between trippy and ritzy, Sketch will undoubtedly offer a WOW factor that you haven’t seen before. You’ll witness mind-boggling tearooms that resemble Alice in Wonderland from the future along with an oversized white capsule which resembles a UFO. You can mingle over funky cocktails while electro jams play throughout the night which provides an excellent alternative to the other nightclubs in the area.

4. The Book Club

This sensational spot provides the best of both worlds when it comes to music. You can either enjoy songs from popular bands or make your way to the basement where you can dance all night while listening to house hits and hip hop jams. The bartenders provide an extra layer of entertainment as they serve mouth-watering cocktails that are presented by humorous names that are sure to make you smile.

5. Union Chapel

This heavenly venue where live music is performed is the perfect escape when you don’t feel like drinking all night or listening to house tracks and hip-hop tunes. This gothic chapel comes equipped with a magnificent Victorian organ and allows popular bands and stand-up comedians to shine while they perform. The acoustics is the biggest attraction to the Union Chapel, and all profits go towards maintaining this incredible building.

6. Happiness Forgets

This is a subterranean Hoxton bar that provides one of the best cocktail menus in London. The vibe is relaxed and energetic at the same time, while the atmosphere is just as good as the drink selection. This is the perfect place to let go after a long week of work and also a fantastic venue for a hot date or just a few drinks with friends.

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Gin Ahoy!!!!

If You Love Gin & Plans a Trip to London this one is for you, there is a “Brand-New Booze Cruise in London”! Gin is the new up & coming trend, although that could be a miss-interpretation of how popular gin is in Britain, the Britons purchased and consumed over 51 million bottles of gin last year. It is estimated that Londoners consumed half to those as they the most on-board with the new, exciting boom where you literally-get “on-board” to enjoy some amazing tipples.

G&T Offered to Thirsty Shipmates on the London Gin Cruise

There is a new cruise in London and the gin cruise sails from Little Venice right up to Camden, and while it is all smooth sailing the shipmates get to satisfy their first with gin. It a gin-themed tour that brings new life and light to an award-winning selection of gins, including Eden-Mill, Elephant Gin and Gin Mare all part of the treats as the ship cruises down the Regent’s Canal.

Three top-notch mixologists are onboard to make up the most sensational drinks from three G&T’s of sailor’s choice and the cost of a ticket includes some of the best thirst quenchers. The beverages also include sensationally gin-inspired foods such as tapas, and during the voyage, you also attend a master class by one of the distillers. Now you don’t have to fear that you’ll leave this exciting boozy vessel empty handed as each sailor and adventurer are wave goodbye only after he/she takes ownership or a goody bag. Now if it is gin, that tickles your pickle and you happen to be in London then spent the £60 and enjoy a booze cruise unlike anything else.

London Known for Exceptional Booze Cruises

If you’ve been to London, ever, then you’ve been on a booze cruise although it might not have been a gin cruise. But due to public demand and the fact that gin is the “in” drink right now plus the wave of amazing distilleries what better time to explore gin. Apart from the fabulous cruise’s visitors can also get a taste of more gin-related things to come by taking one of the distillery tours in which London offer drinkers access to many areas.

Beefeater Distiller in Kennington

Referred to as the granddaddy of gin, Beefeater Distillers originates from the year 1829 and by 1958 distilling takes place on site. It is the most internationally known and the oldest distillery in London. Visits can take place from Monday up to Sunday, and the distillery tour takes around an hour, while there is a tour every 30 half-hour. The tours cost in the region of £12 and off-course that includes G&T as well as an enlightening sniff-tour of that what gives gin it flavours. Although there are plenty of distillery tours available every day so don’t miss out when you visit London next time, plan your days to include some gin tasting as well as gin-themed cruises.

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Three Urban Legends of London

Three Urban Legends of London

Every city or town on Earth has a few urban legends to its name, ranging from spooky to amusing, and London with its many years of history is certainly no exception. In this article, we’re going to share with you some of London’s best urban myths. We hope you find it entertaining and informative.

  • The Crying Girl (of King’s Cross Station)
    This is one of London’s better known modern ghost stories. It all began in November of 1987, when an accidental fire on an escalator killed thirty-one people and trapped many more underground until rescuers arrived
    It is believed that this ghost-girl, who is dressed simply in jeans and a t-shirt, was a victim of the tragic fire. She has been seen multiple times throughout the station, always sobbing and crying. Some people have tried to approach this ghost to offer comfort, only for her to completely vanish without a trace.
    There have even been incidents where her crying is heard even when the platforms are otherwise empty, and there have also been cases where travelers report smelling smoke coming from the escalator even when none is visible.
  • The Highgate Vampire
    This urban legend takes place in Highgate Cemetery, an old graveyard that has over fifty thousand graves (with about one hundred and seventy thousand people buried their altogether). This legend began in 1969, when a man named David Farrant claimed to see a ghostly figure walking through the cemetery. And his report wasn’t the only one; many other people at the time also reported seeing this mysterious figure moving through the cemetery, and their descriptions matched Farrant’s very closely.

Eventually, another man named Sean Manchester became involved; it was Manchester who first claimed that the strange figure in the cemetery was a vampire; furthermore, he claimed that Highgate Cemetery was that vampire’s resting place. Manchester was also adamant that the vampire needed to be killed; eventually this conviction spread to other local people in the area, leading them to come to the cemetery looking for the vampire, some of them armed with stakes and crucifixes for protection.

Ultimately, David Farrant himself (the man who first saw the figure) was arrested after being found in the cemetery carrying a sharp stake and a crucifix, and after a time the rumors of a vampire residing in the Highgate Cemetery began to die down. The legend never disappeared entirely, though, thanks in part to the fact that no true answer to the mystery was ever found: who, or what, was that mysterious figure in the cemetery?

  • An American Bought London Bridge

    This urban myth is lighter and more fun compared to the previous two we discussed, but no less iconic in regards to London urban legends. In this case, the myth is that Robert P McCulloch, who purchased the old London Bridge and moved it to Arizona to rebuild it when it began to collapse, originally intended to purchase the Tower Bridge instead. These is no truth to this particular urban myth (all parties involved in the original deal assured the world that McCulloch didn’t mix up his bridges), but it still makes for a fun story and an entertaining urban legend.

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Five Must-See Attractions In London

Five Must-See Attractions In LondonThere’s no denying the fact that London is a capital city with lots of interesting places to check out. Of course, some attractions are more exciting or compelling than others and it can be hard to decide what to spend your time and money on when you’re on a vacation with only a limited amount of time for the things you want to do. With that in mind, we’ve put together this quick article listing some of the best attractions in London. We hope you find it helpful and informative.

  • Buckingham Palace. No visit to London is complete without taking a tour of Buckingham Palace, which has housed the Royal Family since 1837. Currently, it serves as both the residence and administrative headquarters for the Queen, making it one of the few palaces in the world that still functions as a working palace. Guided tours are available for reasonable prices, giving you a chance to get a glimpse inside one of the most popular and renowned attractions in all of London.
  • The London Eye. Also known as the Coca-Cola London Eye, this Ferris wheel is one of the most iconic landmarks and attractions in the entirety of London. It has thirty-two capsules (each of which is capable of holding up to twenty-five people), and when ridden it can offer some of the most spectacular views to be had in the entire city of London.
  • SEA LIFE London. Opened in March of 1977, this aquarium houses over five hundred different marine species from all over the world, making it one of the more comprehensive marine life aquariums not just in London but in all of Europe. Ticket prices are reasonably priced as well, making this a definite must-see for anyone visiting London (especially if you enjoy aquariums!).
  • Tower of London. Officially known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London, this ancient castle fortress sits near the River Thames and is known for its storied history. Originally a royal residence until the 17th century (and also home to the Royal Menagerie until 1834), it was transformed into a prison and execution place during the Middle Ages. These days, a military garrison is still maintained within the Tower. Furthermore, yeoman warders (who live within the Tower and still dress in traditional Tudor clothing), give tours to interested visitors.
  • Westminster Abbey. Originally built on the grounds of an old monastery and later re-founded as the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster by Queen Elizabeth many centuries later in 1560, this Gothic abbey church is one of the most well-known religious locations in the whole of the United Kingdom. It has functioned as both a coronation and burial site for royal monarchs hundreds of years, and has also hosted at least sixteen royal weddings. If you’re curious to see Westminster Abbey for yourself, there are plenty of affordable guided tours available, both for families and large groups.

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Seven of the Best Restaurants in London

Seven of the Best Restaurants in London

When you’re visiting a new city, either for vacation or for business, finding a good place to eat is always one of the trickiest things to accomplish. You’re unfamiliar with the area, after all, so when you pick a restaurant it can be pretty hit or miss. In order to help you narrow down your potential dining options, we’ve compiled this quick article listing some of the best restaurants in London. We hope you find this information helpful for when you need to eat out in the The Big Smoke.

  • Xi’an Impression. This Chinese restaurant is small and tucked away on a little side street (117 Benwell Rd, to be specific), but still manages to be quaint and welcoming while also offering an excellent variety of delicious Chinese dishes, many of which feature hand-pulled noodles and fresh vegetables.
  • Westerns Laundry. This seafood restaurant (located at 34 Drayton Park, Highbury East) is reported to be one of the best and most popular seafood eateries in the city. And not only do they have a wide variety of fresh seafood dishes available, they also offer an extensive selection of natural wines.
  • Delhi Grill. This delightful little eatery (located at 21 Chapel Mkt in Islington) offers a great selection of scrumptious snacks reminiscent of the street foods found in Delhi and Punjab. The atmosphere is comfortable and fun as well, since the interior decoration of the restaurant features bright and cheerful Bollywood posters.
  • This popular neighborhood restaurant (located at 49 Columbia Rd) is owned and operated by friendly chef Ed Wilson, whose love for cooking is reflected in his incredible menu, which is changed daily to offer delicious seasonal dishes with an emphasis on fresh produce, fresh meats and seafood, and fresh pasta.
  • Lyle’s. This restaurant (located at 56 Shoreditch High St) is quite popular as well, and puts on emphasis on season British produce while also offering fire-cooked seafood and more meaty options such as mutton and goat. Essentially, their menu focuses on serving traditional and seasonal British dishes that are both affordable and satisfying.
  • Sushi Tetsu. Despite having only seven seats open at the best of times (the space is regrettably fairly small), this sushi restaurant (located at 12 Jerusalem Passage) is widely popular and considered the best sushi place in all of London. The atmosphere is also always guaranteed to be comfortable and welcoming, since it is run by a friendly married couple; Toru is the incredibly talented sushi chef while his lovely wife Harumi offers flawless hospitality to all of the restaurant’s patrons.
  • Quo Vadis. This particular restaurant (located in Soho, at 26-29 Dean St specifically) also functions as a private members’ club as well. Originally established in 1926 by Pepino Leoni, it is now owned by brothers Sam and Eddie Hart and focuses on Modern British food. They are known for offering many vibrant and tasteful dishes; one such dish, the smoked eel and horseradish sandwich, is actually so good it was mentioned in a Times Magazine review in 2013 as a “must-have” item.

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Four of the Best Museums in London

Four of the Best Museums in LondonThere are many museums in London (over one hundred and seventy, in fact!) and each of them is definitely worth a visit at least once if you have the time and money to spare. That being said, most of us don’t always have the time or funds available to visit every single museum in the city, particularly if we’re on vacation with a limited amount of time. With that in mind, we’ve put together this quick article listing four some of the best museums in London. It’s our hope that you can use this information to narrow down your options for which museums to visit while visiting London.

  • Victoria & Albert Museum. The V&A is said to be one of the most magnificent museums not just in London but in the entire world. It consists of about one hundred fifty grand galleries on seven different floors, and showcases applied arts from all around the world. These various galleries house stunning exhibitions of furniture, ceramics, metalwork, textiles, and sculpture that span the centuries. The V&A is also known for having one of the most comprehensive collections of Italian Renaissance sculpture outside of Italy itself. If you are someone with any interest in culture, art, or history, the Victoria & Albert Museum is definitely a museum you should take the time to visit if you are in London.
  • British Museum. First opened in 1759, this museum has been free to visit ever since it first opened its doors and receives about six million visitors every single year. It features many exhibits that contain discoveries made by British explorers all over the world; some of the most notable items are the renowned Rosetta Stone from Ancient Egypt and the Parthenon sculpture from Athens. The various displays and exhibits within the museum are arranged according to location and historical time period, and there are plenty of guided tour options available if you’re feeling overwhelmed by how much there is to see.
  • Tate Modern. The Tate Modern is one of the most well-known art galleries in not just London but the entire world. Originally opened in the year 2000, it currently receives about five million visitors every year. The Tate Modern features a vast collection of both modern and contemporary artwork from all around the world, making it one of the greatest collections of international art in the world.
  • National Maritime Museum. This museum is also entirely free to visit, and features a truly breathtaking collection of maritime artifacts. They have many models, maps, artwork, and other artifacts to view, and the comprehensive nature of their exhibits pretty much guarantees that there’s something for every member of your family to enjoy, whether they’re young or old. There are also various exhibits detailing the maritime history of Britain specifically. Some of these include (but are not limited to) sections dedicated to the history of the East India Trading Company, Admiral Lord Nelson, James Cook’s North-West Passage expedition in the late 1770s, and soldiers who served at sea in World War I.

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