London: European Football Capital

Football is the most popular sport, both in terms of participants and the audience. There are many top European teams in London. The city is home to 14 professional teams and more than 60 amateur prizes. All made the British capital worthy of the title of European football capital.

Not Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham, Fulham is London’s oldest club. This club was founded in 1879, but the first professional team was Arsenal since 1891. In total, the English capital teams won 83 major titles. Wembley, the cathedral of  football, is also located in London.

Modern football in London is said to start in 1863 before spreading to the whole world. The central character of modern football in London is Ebenezer Cobb Morley who is the founder of the English Football Federation (the world’s oldest football organization). Football rules in London, then in England and around the world, began to be unified for the first time in a historic meeting at the Freemasons pub on Great Queen Road in London on October 26, 1863. The event featured representatives of 12 founding teams all located in London.

Since the end of the 19th century, while the number of people going to church on the weekend is decreasing, the number of spectators going to see the football increases. The London Football Federation (LFA) was founded in 1882. Twenty-five years later, clubs grew mushroom-like in the capital and most still exist today. Initially, football in London was primarily amateur teams with the participation of students, students and workers gathered for an easy-to-play, low-cost pastime, many people could join and Very interesting on weekends.

Arsenal (originally called Woolwich Arsenal) was the first professional team established in 1891. The move to making money made amateur teams at LFA boycott Arsenal. However, that trend is irresistible when, in turn, other giants of capital football, Millwall (1893), Tottenham (1895), Fulham (1898) and West Ham (1898) also take the same turn.

In 1901, a new milestone was marked in London’s football history when Tottenham won the FA Cup for the first time. In 1931 Arsenal crowned Football League. After moving to the new Highbury Stadium in 1913, Arsenal dropped Woolwich’s tail and since then, they have become rivals with Tottenham in north London.

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