Gin Ahoy!!!!

If You Love Gin & Plans a Trip to London this one is for you, there is a “Brand-New Booze Cruise in London”! Gin is the new up & coming trend, although that could be a miss-interpretation of how popular gin is in Britain, the Britons purchased and consumed over 51 million bottles of gin last year. It is estimated that Londoners consumed half to those as they the most on-board with the new, exciting boom where you literally-get “on-board” to enjoy some amazing tipples.

G&T Offered to Thirsty Shipmates on the London Gin Cruise

There is a new cruise in London and the gin cruise sails from Little Venice right up to Camden, and while it is all smooth sailing the shipmates get to satisfy their first with gin. It a gin-themed tour that brings new life and light to an award-winning selection of gins, including Eden-Mill, Elephant Gin and Gin Mare all part of the treats as the ship cruises down the Regent’s Canal.

Three top-notch mixologists are onboard to make up the most sensational drinks from three G&T’s of sailor’s choice and the cost of a ticket includes some of the best thirst quenchers. The beverages also include sensationally gin-inspired foods such as tapas, and during the voyage, you also attend a master class by one of the distillers. Now you don’t have to fear that you’ll leave this exciting boozy vessel empty handed as each sailor and adventurer are wave goodbye only after he/she takes ownership or a goody bag. Now if it is gin, that tickles your pickle and you happen to be in London then spent the £60 and enjoy a booze cruise unlike anything else.

London Known for Exceptional Booze Cruises

If you’ve been to London, ever, then you’ve been on a booze cruise although it might not have been a gin cruise. But due to public demand and the fact that gin is the “in” drink right now plus the wave of amazing distilleries what better time to explore gin. Apart from the fabulous cruise’s visitors can also get a taste of more gin-related things to come by taking one of the distillery tours in which London offer drinkers access to many areas.

Beefeater Distiller in Kennington

Referred to as the granddaddy of gin, Beefeater Distillers originates from the year 1829 and by 1958 distilling takes place on site. It is the most internationally known and the oldest distillery in London. Visits can take place from Monday up to Sunday, and the distillery tour takes around an hour, while there is a tour every 30 half-hour. The tours cost in the region of £12 and off-course that includes G&T as well as an enlightening sniff-tour of that what gives gin it flavours. Although there are plenty of distillery tours available every day so don’t miss out when you visit London next time, plan your days to include some gin tasting as well as gin-themed cruises.

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