Exploring 4 Features Of Bristish People

England – a multicultural country. Throughout the length of the history of the United Kingdom, various races and cultures have influenced the kingdom’s culture. Traveling to the UK and discover the special cultural beauty of the people here will certainly bring a lot of exciting new experiences for visitors.

1. Religious culture, beliefs of the British

UK religion is a special culture of the British including all faiths and all major religions in the world. Most cities in the UK have Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist centers, as well as churches for all denominations. Therefore, if you are a religious and frequent ritualist in your hometown, you can continue to do so when you travel or settle in the UK.

2. Sports

Sports are an integral part of the lives of the British people. Their sports activities are abundant, ranging from football to rugby, jogging or biking. When you come to the parks, you will often see many joggers. At the university, sports clubs often have many exciting activities, including belly dancing!
In addition to good for health, exercise is also a good way to make friends.

3. Art and Theater

Britons are passionate about theater. In London there is the famous West End theater, where most of the big shows take place.

4. Communication culture, behavior when meeting the British people

How to greet:

The British are rather reserved in greetings. At school or at work the most common greetings are “Hello”, “Hi”, “Good morning”. There are also other ways of greeting.

Handshake: The most common way to greet a British person. Hand-shaking also becomes a form of communication when you are introduced to another person.

+ Kiss: Kiss lightly on the cheek is how to greet each other close friends when they long to meet each other.

Most Britons speak moderately, control their voices, do not speak loud and do not dance hands.

Not all English speakers are fluent but you should say complete sentences and end your sentences with lower voices.

Humor plays an important role when negotiating in business. British people often use sarcasm to tease their opponents or to express disagreement or express disrespect.

Do’s and Don’ts:

When in England, you:

+ Queue: The British always queue up orderly and wait patiently for example when taking the bus. If you push, push will be considered impolite.

+ Please say “excuse me”.

Please say “please” and “thank you”.

+ Cover your mouth when yawning or coughing.

Handshake: When being introduced to another person, use your right hand to shake hands and grab the right hand of the person.

Say “sorry”: You accidentally poke at someone, say “sorry” even if the fault is not up to you. This has become a habit, a lifestyle in the UK.

+ Smile.

+ Drive on the left

And things should not be:

Do not greet everyone with a kiss. Kiss only for close friends or relatives.

Avoid speaking in public.

It is impolite to look at someone in public.

Do not blow your nose in public.
Do not flap or embrace.

+ Do not make a “burp” when eating. If you can not hold back, cover your mouth and say sorry right after.

Do not speak when your mouth is full of food. Otherwise you will be considered impolite.

Do not ask personal questions or questions that are too private.

The British respect privacy. So, you should not say things like, “How much do you earn?”, “How much do you weigh?” Or “Why are you not married?”.

England has an astonishing history so it would be a great omission if you did not try and learn about the country, the home of the industrial revolution and the great men. With magnificent castles, historic churches and unique buildings, the UK has so much to explore.

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