Best Luxury Hotels in London

Best Luxury Hotels in LondonWhile there are no doubt plenty of cookie cutter hotels and motels that you could stay at when visiting London, we strongly recommend opting for a different hotel experience if you have the funds available to do so. There are so many stunning and luxurious hotel options available if you know to look for them, and having the right hotel can really work wonders for your overall enjoyment of your vacation.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this brief article listing some of the best hotels available in London with some additional information about why we think they’re so fantastic. We hope you find this information interesting and helpful.

  • Rosewood Located at 252 High Holborn, this hotel is often named the best hotel in all of London. Formerly known as Chancery Court, this hotel is a five-star luxury hotel that features breathtaking decor and stunning accommodations for all its guests. This hotel was even used as a filming location in the 90s for The Saint and The Politician’s Wife. Originally founded and opened in 2013, It currently has seven floors with a grand total of two hundred and sixty-rooms, forty-four suits, and three restaurants. It also features twenty-four hour valet parking.
  • The Beaumont Hotel. Located not far from the Brown Hart Gardens at 8 Balderton Street in Mayfair, this luxury hotel is often considered the second best hotel in London (after the Rosewood Hotel). It first opened in 2014 and currently features seventy-three rooms in total (including twenty-three suites and studios). It also features one room created by artist Antony Gormley that functions as a public sculpture. The property also features a twenty-four hour fitness center as well as a spa and salon.It even has a bar and a restaurant!
  • The Milestone Hotel. Another five-star luxury hotel, the Milestone Hotel is located at 1 Kensington Court, and overlooks the Kensington Gardens. Built first in 1884 to function as a house, this location was converted into a hotel in 1922. It currently has forty-four guest bedrooms, twelve suites, and six extended stay apartments. The level of hospitality here is also quite high; staff will greet guests by name and are also quite accommodating when it comes to special requests. All the rooms and suites also come with free Wi-Fi, fresh flowers, and homemade treats to make you feel welcome.
  • The Egerton House Hotel. Located at located at 17-19 Egerton Terrace in Knightsbridge, this hotel is known for its unique and individually decorated rooms. The hotel itself is composed of two adjoining Victorian townhouses, which were originally built in 1843. This hotel only has twenty-eight rooms and suites total, but since each room has its own unique personality and atmosphere thanks to the individualized decor it’s virtually impossible to not enjoy a stay here. There are also many amenities, such as flat-screen TVS in every room, bottled waters, and luxurious marble bathrooms. The level of hospitality is also said to be quite excellent, and there is twenty-four room service should you require anything at all.

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